Sunday Lottery for MI?

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Lottery players could win a jackpot on Sundays beginning in a few weeks.

Beginning Oct. 6, the state will have Sunday drawings for the Pick Three and Pick Four games and the Michigan Roll Down.

The Bureau of State Lottery is allowed to begin Sunday drawings because the Legislature approved a bill earlier this year that didn't include language prohibiting it.

State lottery spokeswoman Stepheni Schlinker said Oct. 6 will be the first time for a Sunday drawing in the lottery's 29-year history.

When Michigan begins its Sunday drawings, there only be nine states left that don't have a lottery on that day.

The Keyno game expands to seven days a week on Oct. 16.

The state also is beginning a new game next month that allows players to use change from other purchases to buy a lottery ticket.

The price for so-called "change play" tickets would range from 25 cents to 99 cents.

The first change play drawing will be Oct. 14.

Schlinker said the additional Sunday drawings are expected to net an additional $30 million a year.

State Representative Jerry Kooiman of Grand Rapids opposed the Sunday lottery when the issue was before the state House.

He says the additional revenue isn't worth the toll it will take on poor people who will buy the extra chances with money that should go elsewhere.