U of M Student Hurls Belongings Out High-Rise Window

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Police say a University of Michigan student broke out a window in a high-rise apartment building and began hurling his belongings 12 stories to the street.

A desk, books, compact discs, pillows, computer equipment, and personal items like photographs and a genetics exam were among the items that crashed to the ground Monday morning.

As a police officer approached the scene, a large wooden dresser came crashing into the street. A five-foot-tall fan followed, both smashing into pieces.

Police say the officer blocked the street as more belongings rained onto it and the sidewalk.

Officers arrested the 18-year-old student who lives in the apartment from which the items were thrown. Police say the teen told them that he wanted to be famous and draw attention to himself.

The items did not hit any pedestrians, but several people were on the sidewalk dodging the debris and watching the sky to make sure they didn't get hit.