Crossing Guards Needed

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When the last bell rings and children head out of Donley Elementary School in East Lansing, they're met by a member of the Meridian Township Police. That's because the school does not have a crossing guard.

Principal Pam Andrews says the search has been on for about eight weeks. The marquee outside the school even reads, "Help! Crossing Guard Needed." But they haven't got any responses, and staff is still searching. Meantime, Police Officers fill in.

Suzy Carter, of the Lansing Area Safety Council, says it's an ongoing battle. Carter trains crossing guards and this year only 100 people attended. Ninety-seven were returning guards and three were new.

With regulars retiring and no new blood, the crossing guard crisis is only going to get worse, leaving schools to tap into their creative side to attract community members.

If you would like to become a crossing guard, just contact a police department in your area.