Controversial Political Ad Begins to Air

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It's not your normal political ad, it's not trashing an opponent or spouting a candidates promises. Instead, an ad set to go to air on Friday morning features the remains of aborted fetuses followed by on on-screen statement condemning abortion.

The ad is paid for by John Mongopoulos, an Okemos man running for the U.S. Congress on the U.S. Taxpayer Party ticket.

Dr. Charles Atkin, chair of the MSU Department of Communications, says the ad barely qualifies as a political spot. He says if it weren't for the opening where you see Mongopoulos' picture and him saying he endorses the ad, you wouldn't know it was an ad for political office.

Atkin also says this spot is clearly a case of Mongopoulos using his candidacy for political office to broadcast his views on abortion. Atkins goes on to say this ad will have little effect in the upcoming elections.

People we talked with on the street had a mixed reaction to the ads. Many, including one pro-life advocate, say the ad goes to far. Others say it's a good visualization to show the realities of abortion.