Wireless Directory

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Five major cell phone companies plan to have a wireless directory to help callers connect with other wireless users. Not all companies say it's a good idea.

The company gathering the wireless phone numbers in doing it under the following principals:

  1. The right to choose. Customers must opt-in to have phone number included.

  2. The right to change one's mind. Customers may choose to have their number removed at any time.

  3. The right to security. Consumer data residing in the Wireless 411 Service privacy-protected database will be disclosed only for the purpose of providing voice 411 services.

Cingular/AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Nextel, and Alltel are all planning to offer the directory service in mid to late 2005.

One carrier not in the mix is Verizon Wireless.

A company spokesperson says they value their customers’ privacy and even having the opportunity of being on a directory list violates that.

The company utilizing the technology to support a directory says rumors that the list will be printed, put on the Internet, or be given to telemarketers are totally false.