Residents Have Concerns Over Pennsylvania Project

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The day after Christmas, Pennsylvania between Cavanaugh and Mt. Hope will shut down to through traffic so the Pennsylvania Bridge can be torn down and rebuilt. City Officials say the bridge is 60 years old and becoming to expensive to keep up.

Area residents aired concerns at a meeting at Lyons Elementary Thursday night, concerns including the detour intersections, specifically Cedar and Mt. Hope which is congested during high traffic times as it is. City Traffic Engineer Andy Kilpatrick says the intersections will be able to handle the extra commuters.

Another resident questioned the need of the new bridge, saying a train crossing at ground level would be fine. Deputy Director of Public Service, Bill Bergman says it would cost nearly $2 million more to go that route as opposed to building the new bridge.

The project is expected to last until September 2005 and cost close to $5 million.