Recycling Troubles in Rural Ingham County

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After more than ten years of providing recycling pick-up for certain parts of rural Ingham County, Waste Management, INC will cease those services January 1, 2006. Between now and then, 'Save Our Area Recycling,' a community group based in Mason, is doing what it can to keep that service available.

SOAR has had two meetings, the most recent Wednesday night, brainstorming ideas on how to keep recycling options available in places like Williamston, Webberville, Leslie, and Mason. Ideas include public taxes similar to East Lansing and Lansing, county money, or a combination of the two.

County Commissioner-elect Don Vickers says he thinks the county should be responsible for recycling in these areas. But Martha Knorek with Igham County Solid Waste Management Coordinator says that it's unlikely the county would foot the bill to keep the program going.