Provisional Envelope Ballots Won't Count

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The legal battle is over, at least for now. A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that provisional envelope ballots cast outside of a voters qualified polling place will not count in next weeks election.

Michigan Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer says he is disappointed with the decision adding that his party pushed for provisional ballots so every voter could have a chance to cast his or her ballot. Chris Paolino, Communication Director for the Michigan Republican Party, says he thinks the ruling was the correct one because provisional envelope voting opened the state up to voter fraud.

Party comments aside, Lansing City Clerk Debbie Miner says she is satisfied with the ruling hoping it will alleviate some of the headache of voters who cast their ballots at the wrong precinct.

Although provisional envelope ballots will not be allowed regular provisional ballots will. That means if your name does not appear on any precinct list in your area you will be allowed to cast a provisional ballot.