Injured Soldier Shares His Story

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Six days into a seven month tour of duty in Iraq, Staff Sergeant Jason Alderman is hit with debris from a grenade blasting the ground just feet from where he was standing.

It happened in Fallujah 12 hours after he arrived. Alderman, enlisted in the Marines for 10 years, says all he saw was a puff of smoke and then he heard a loud explosion. Shrapnel embedded itself along the right side of his neck, arm, and leg. Jason was flown to a hospital in Germany then to Maryland shortly after.

With his wife and children by his side, he started the healing process, in more ways than one. He was still coping with his father's death. He was killed in a car accident on the way back from saying good-bye before Jason left for Iraq.

Elaina Alderman, Jason's wife, says he's healing pretty well now. He'll go back to work at the end of December and back to Iraq sometime in the future.