Eaton County Settles Lawsuit

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Michael Parwey says he was sleeping when the Eaton County Special Response Team raided his home with a flash bang grenade in March 2003.

They were responding to a tip that there was violent domestic abuse and drug trade in the house. They say they used the flash bang because they expected the suspect or suspects had guns.

Parwey woke up and grabbed his shotgun. He says he thought there were intruders. While he was looking for shells, deputies believed he was pointing the gun, threatening their life. They fired and hit his arm. The Eaton County Prosecutors Office later released a statement, saying they could not find evidence to charge him for threatening the deputies. They also found the officers were justified to fire.

Parwey was taken to the hospital, and later to jail. After his ordeal, he filed suit.

Eaton County settled that suit Tuesday without liability. Parwey says he's happy to have an apology for his pain and hopefully his reputation.