Code Compliance

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It's a small paragraph in Section 1460.18 of the City of Lansing's Code of Compliance. Some Lansing residents say they would like to see it better enforced.

The paragraph states:

"During May through October, every door and every opening directly from a dwelling unit to outdoor space that is used for ventilation...shall have supplied tightly fitting screens....All screen doors and window screens shall be in good repair and every swinging door shall have a self-closing device in good working condition."

Lansing resident, Michael Morofsky, is a neighborhood representative, and he said he's concerned for the health and safety of his neighbors who don't have screens. He said he's worried they will have a greater risk of coming in contact with mosquitoes, and possibly the West Nile virus.

Morofsky said he'd like to see the city crack down on houses that don't meet the code of compliance.

Representatives from the Department of Code of Compliance said they would check into code violations if the addresses of specific houses are brought to their attention.

However, according to department manager, Eleanor Love, more important issues like houses without hot water and heat have a higher priority.