Campaigns On Pace To Turnout Record Voter Numbers

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Saturday, the Bush campaign used their phone bank in a campaign office in East Lansing. "Can President Bush count on your support?" volunteers asked lists of voters.

Those lists were aimed at getting the message to "everyone," according to Michigan Republican party spokesman Nate Bailey. He says the Republicans are looking to remind supporters, influence swing voters, and talk to discerning Democrats.

The Kerry campaign approach was very much the same, though the message is different. Democrats were working phones asking the same question about John Kerry support to voters listed on their rolls. Rep. Mike Murphy says this final push is focused on getting the voter base out on November 2. They offered rides to the polls, and registration forms if voters need absentee ballots.

So far, districts in Ingham County have seen record requests for absentee ballots. Mike Ryder, depty clerk, says three jurisdictions had to request extra ballots, even after ordering with a 10 to 15% increase in requests anticipated.