Number of Confirmed Shigella Cases Up to Seven

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The seventh shigella case came back confirmed from the lab on Friday. Twenty-four other cases are still being investigated for the bacteria. But Ingham County Medical Director Dr. Dean Sienko has been charting when the students began to feel ill, and believes the illness may have run its course. He says most of the reported symptoms began showing up late last week and early this week. He is now back-tracking to a few days before the symptoms, and researching what the children ate, as well as their activities.

Symptoms of shigella include bloody diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and stomach cramps. Of the 24 suspected cases still being tested, a few of them are from Sheridan Road Elementary School. But Dr. Sienko says it will take some time before they know if the strain there could be related to the strain at Willow Elementary.

In the meantime, the Lansing School District has quit serving fresh fruit and vegetables at all elementary school lunches until further notice. School officials are also working to make sure all children know the importance of good hand washing before eating, and after using the bathroom.