Juvenille Justice Millage in Eaton Co.

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A .4 millage will appear on Eaton County ballots this Nov. 2. It would provide $1.15 million every year for five years to upgrade and create programs aimed at helping at risk kids.

About $400,000 would go towards funding current programs like the county's truancy program, which are losing money from state cuts.

The remaining money would create programs to send local youth to, instead of state programs. The Eaton County court administrator says state programs cost up to 300 dollars a day, when county programs would cost no more than 200.

County judges also say it's better for the juvenile offender to be treated closer to home and near family.

The millage breaks down like this, a person who owns a $100,000 home and a $50,000 SUV would pay $20 a year for the next five years.

Both judges and the court administrator we spoke to said they have not heard from anyone who was against this proposal.