More Shigella Cases Being Investigated

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The number of shigella cases has increased slightly from yesterday. Now, the Ingham County Health Department says the number of confirmed cases is up to four. However, they are investigating just over 30 suspected cases of shigella.

Shigella is a contagious bacteria that causes severe diarrhea, vomiting, and blood in the stool. The first cases were found at Willow Elementary School in Lansing earlier this week. Now, some suspected cases are being investigated at Sheridan Road Elementary as well.

The Lansing school district has sent a letter home to all parents in the district, warning of shigella's symptoms, and asking families to be extra careful. The letter encourages good hand-washing after using the bathroom, before eating and preparing food. The district has also called for all elementary schools to quit serving fresh fruit and vegetables with school lunches.

Health officials are not sure how shigella got into Willow Elementary School, and their investigation will continue.