MHSAA to Vote on Contingency Plan

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In 1998 a parent group filed a lawsuit against the Michigan High School Athletic Association. The lawsuit says it's discriminatory that girls play their basketball and volleyball seasons opposite their college counterparts. The lawsuit says this format hurts the prep athletes’ chances of gaining scholarships.

MHSAA Director of Communications, John Johnson, says that just isn't true. He says more young girls go onto college athletics than our population would indicate.

Currently, the lawsuit has been upheld. But the MSHAA says they will petition the U.S. Supreme Court by February. Should they hear the case, one of three things could happen. They could uphold the decision, reverse the decision, or send it back down to a lower court for further debate.

In the meantime, the MHSAA will vote on Friday to approve a contingency plan that includes two seasons for girls’ basketball and volleyball, and, boys’ and girls’ tennis and golf for next season.