Warrant Signed for Suspect in Red Robin Shootout

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The Eaton County prosecutor's office confirms it has issued a warrant for the man who police say took a waitress of the Red Robin restaurant on Saginaw Highway hostage. He is in the hospital with a chest wound from shots fired by police at the hostage crisis.

Eaton County Sheriff Rick Jones says the man, who is a suspect in the Oct. 10 murders of Betsy and Brandy Lowe, went into the Red Robin restaurant firing shots Sunday night. He was being tailed by Michigan State Police who wanted to talk to him about the Lowe shooting. Jones says he fired about eight shots inside the restaurant and then took a pregnant waitress outside with a gun to her head.

Jones says he fired at police, and they shot back. The man had a chest wound. The 19-year-old waitress was hit in the hip.

Officials who responded are still conducted an internal investigation as to whether their actions were appropriate.