Senate Leader Says No to Pipeline in Lansing

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The fight is over, at least for now, as the bill aimed at installing a gasoline pipeline in Lansing gets shot down in the final days of the lame duck session.

It passed in the House earlier this month and was on the fast track to a vote in the Senate before Christmas, but now it will go no further. State Senator Virg Bernero says he received a verbal commitment from the Senate majority leader and that the bill will be killed in committee.

Lansing resident Anita Beavers, who opposes the pipeline, says she is very happy with the outcome.

Tom Shields, spokesperson for the Wolverine Pipe Line Company, says he's confident this is not the end of the issue. Shields says the pipeline is essential to the entire state, and lawmakers just need more time to debate the issue.

The bill needs a new sponsor but can be introduced again. Opponents of the pipeline say they will keep fighting to keep the Wolverine Pipe Line Company's gasoline line out of Lansing.