Big Budget Cuts, Mid-Year, for Jackson Public Schools

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Officials from Jackson Public Schools and union leaders have had a busy couple of days. This after the district announces it must cut more than one million dollars from its budget mid-year.

A shortfall in the number of students is to blame. The district had anticipated a loss of 180 students but actually ending up losing 318 students. District officials have been meeting with school board members and union leaders to work towards a solution and to figure out how to cut $1.2 million without taking people off of the payroll.

Dan Evan, JPS Superintendent, says a lot of the district's money is tied up in personnel, but school officials will try to work out a way, working with the unions, to make up the money without losing jobs.

Mike Mason, spokesperson for the Jackson Education Association, says he doesn't have a position on the matter yet. His group will meet next Thursday to discuss it. Meantime, the district will meet with a school board sub-committee next Friday.