State Health Officials Announce Plan to Redistribute Flu Vaccine

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At least ten of the state's health officials including the director of the Michigan Department of Community Health, Janet Olszewski, and Michigan Surgeon General, Dr. Kimberlydawn Wisdom, came together today.

They held a press conference to announce the state's plan to spread out the scarce supply of flu vaccine.

They are working together to ensure flu shots go to those most in need. They say it is possible that the state's supply may not be enough for even those at high risk.

The CDC's new guidelines will be followed. They recommend flu shots for the following:

  • children 6 mos. to 23 mos.
  • adults 65 and older
  • people 2-64 years with a chronic medical condition
  • pregnant women
  • children 6 mos. to 18 years on chronic aspirin therapy
  • healthcare workers with direct patient care
  • home caregivers of children less than 6 mos.

The CDC is recommending FluMist for people ages 5 to 49 who are in contact with infants under 6 mos. of age/ or healthcare workers with direct patient care. It is not recommended for healthcare workers with severely immuno-compromised patients. Pregnant women should also NOT take FluMist.

Healthy people ages 2 to 64 years are asked to not get a flu shot this year.