Playing the Race Card

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On the heels of strong democratic criticism that the GOP has played the race card in the contest for governor, here comes Gov. John Engler leveling the same charge against Jennifer Granholm.

Holding up a copy of a Detroit News Headline claiming "Posthumus Plays Race Card" the governor denounced the story and turned the tables.

Engler told capitol reporters that during the democratic primary last summer, Granholm supported a variety of issues designed to appeal to African American voters in Detroit.

Meanwhile in a separate news conference Lansing Mayor David Hollister says when he saw the TV ad featuring Granholm and the Mayor of Detroit, Hollister said it reminded him of something conservative Senator David Jaye might have done.

Hollister was joined by 13 other Ingham County democrats who decried the commercial, which has emerged as a dominant issue in the race for governor.