Not Quite Off to the Races

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A Toronto Based Company applied to open a racetrack and entertainment complex in the city of Williamston. Homeowners, however are beginning to voice their disapproval.

EQUATE applied for a license to operate a racetrack at Michigan's office Racing Commissioner.

The application would allow the company to run a mixed breed racetrack where jockeys would run in the flat racing style (on top of horses) as opposed to the popular harness racing featured in the city of Jackson.

Homeowners plan to block the application process through petitions and opposition through their local township.

EQUATE plans to open the track along with a sports bar, arcade and theme restaurants. In order to open the stores, however, the company would need to build sewage and water infrastructure that the township of Wheatfield is responsible for.

A meeting for the township will be held Oct. 8.