School Closures Possible for Lakewood

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Lakewood School District has only about 2,500 students. Since 2000 they've lost almost 300. In the coming year they're facing a $1.3 million deficit. All numbers which point to the possible demise of Sunfield Elementary.

School Board members are holding special public meetings to gather input on two plans to save money in the district. Both plans involve taking two elementary schools and cutting their student population in half, sending K through second graders to one, and third through fifth graders to another. One plan has a new high school being built. But, both plans call for the closure of Sunfield, which already has students being reassigned to other schools due to declining enrollment and budget problems.
Paula Meadon says her six and seven-year olds are spending nearly two and a half hours a day on the bus just to get to their new schools. Supt. Johnson says they are doing the best they can for all students in the entire district.