City Council Considers BWL Audit

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The final decision today: Wait. The city council asked the Board of Water and Light to answer questions about which questionable expenses were actually paid, and to provide a copy of BWL policies and procedures. They'll use this new information to determine whether the council should investigate the Board next week.

The council's caution on this matter was mostly related to a pending lawsuit. David Cluley and his wife Virginia allege that BWL demoted her unfairly, and then fired him in response to their "whistleblowing" about expense practices. Virginia Cluley was demoted a year ago for misspending. Her husband David took receipts from the Board of Water and Light. He was fired for taking the documents. Now, those receipts are the ones that the city council has as evidence of BWL's alleged misspending.

It is possible that city council will ask for an external audit. That could mean using the city's auditor, or hiring an independent accountant. The audit will consider if BWL did anything inappropriate with the specific reimbursements spotlighted by David Cluley. The audit may also consider the general policy on expenses.