"Phishing" Email Scam Hits Home

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The scam is common: You get junk Email that asks you to click on a link. That link is a fake Web site where identity thieves are hoping you'll leave your personal information because you think you are dealing with a legitimate company.

This time the scammers are using Citizens' Bank, and that makes the risk of falling prey to the scam even greater for Michiganders. The Email asks you to update your account. To do so, you must enter your account number, your pin, and your bank password. Ken Ross from the Office on Financial and Insurance Services in Michigan says don't click. He says no legitimate financial institution will ever ask for your information online.

Citizens' Bank says the scammers aren't actually using their Web site. They are using another Citizens Bank, that one in Rhode Island, but the risk is the same. The bank is warning their customers in their October bank statements. If you have a problem in the meantime, contact the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) at www.ftc.gov.