Could Voter Registration Fraud Affect Your Ballot?

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Ingham County Clerk Michael Bryanton calls it "a well-intended registration drive goes awry," but 9,000 voter registration forms are under investigation, contributed by PIRGIM, the Public Interest Research Group in Michigan.

Bryanton says employees of the group faked applications using names from the phonebook, motivated by a bonus from PIRGIM for turning in more registration forms. Now, city clerks are sorting through all forms PIRGIM submitted to determine which are real, and which are fake.

The city of Lansing, for example, had to hire extra employees for the month, and they expect to work weekends until Election Day.

The investigation is ongoing and may not be complete by November 2, but Lansing City Clerk Deb Miner says it won't stop anyone from voting. It is possible that your registration might be in question because a fraudulent form used your name, but poll workers will let everyone vote. The Board of Elections will sort out discrepancies after your ballot is cast.