LPD Responds to Discrimination Lawsuit

We told you Thursday that Officers H. Louis Jones and Todd Williams, members of the so-called LPD Seven, filed a lawsuit against the city. Friday, the LPD saw those charges. They allege discrimination in enforcement of police policy and procedure, including inappropriate assault charges against Jones, unfair drug and mental tests on Williams, and retaliation since the LPD Seven filed complaints, including an alleged death threat left on Williams’ desk.

Both sides agree that death threat is a memo on the front page of an LPD Annual Report. It directs Williams to look at a page inside where all the officers who died that year are pictured. Williams says it’s a threat on his life, and he won't return to work. The department says it’s not a specific death threat, but they are investigating.

The lawsuit asks for $25,000 from the city for lost wages and benefits, and other "distress." It also asks for a jury trial, and if it goes that far, a jury could require even more than that money from the city.