Shooting Victim Testifies

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Last November, 11-year-old Amber Reynolds was lying in her bed when a bullet tore through her wall and ripped her lung, liver and spleen.

On Tuesday, Reynolds and her parents testified in an East Lansing courtroom in the case against Keith Morgan. He's the man accused of being responsible for the bullet that struck Reynolds while she was sleeping.

The prosecution called several witnesses to the stand. A few men testified to seeing the defendant fire a gun the night Reynolds was shot. Some said they saw another man fire a bullet as well.

The prosecution and the defense also reenacted witness testimony using transcripts from a preliminary hearing. That's because some witnesses refused to testify in this trial and some couldn't be found.

The judge held one witness, Uno Wright, in contempt of court because he refused to testify. As a result, Wright will face 30 days in jail in addition to the two-year jail sentence he says he is currently serving.

The defense attorney says he will start making his case Wednesday, when the prosecution rests, and the jury should have the case by Thursday.