Common Cold Myths

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One of the most common beliefs is that you catch a cold when the temperature drops. But doctors say it's not attributed to the weather itself, but the fact that people spend more time indoors. There are viruses everywhere, inside and outside, but it's easier to catch a virus in a closed, confined space than it is outside.

Also attributing to this is kids going back to school with other children. If one child has it, another is exposed and then may bring the bug home with them, thus starting the cycle.

Treatments such as zinc gluconate or zinc acetate have been studied, but the research reflects conflicting views. Dr. Randy Pearson, a family practice physician, says there is no evidence to prove or disprove that these products shorten the duration of a cold.

Nor is there evidence that Vitamin C helps curtail a cold. But, Dr. Pearson says just the thought of a treatment working, even a sugar pill, does help many people feel better.