Is Weight Watchers Giving Up on Its Popular Point System Diet?

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The popular Weight Watchers diet plan is changing. The Flex Plan commonly known as the point system is adding another option for its members.

Coordinators at Weight Watchers say the Flex Plan has worked for millions of dieters and they are not changing that plan, but they say they must change with the times. Because of this, they have added another option for people with a busy lifestyle.

It's called the "Core Plan" and it allows members to eat as much food as they want as long as what they eat is on the core list of energy-rich foods. The only points that need to be counted are if foods are eaten that are not on the list. Members have 35 points per week.

Members can now choose which plan is right for them. Weight Watchers is not changing the one aspect of their diet plans that set them apart from many other diets. They offer group meetings throughout the week to offer encouragement and support.