European Paper Wasp In Mid-Michigan

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Entomologists guess about 50 percent more European Paper Wasps are buzzing around in mid-Michigan compared to previous years.

The wasps, which do not pose severe threats to people, can be exterminated with regular bug spray. Experts say the wasps are attracted to sugary food, spoiling fruit, overripe gardens, trash bins and human sweat.

Officials say people can avoid getting stung if they do not flail their arms and make a large commotion when they see a wasp. Wasps will only use their stinger if they feel threatened or if they are trying to subdue their prey.

During the winter, wasps will start to die off, but queen wasps will survive. They will try to rebuild nests during the spring, and experts say that is the best time for people to spray for nests and eliminate the pests.

People who fear they may be allergic to wasps can be tested at their doctors.