West Nile Funding

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As health departments around the country are swarmed by cases of West Nile virus, the centers for disease control and prevention is handing the Michigan Department of Community Health $500,000 to aid in the fight.

Geralyn Lasher says it's money that will be put to good use.

"In our lab ... We've added extra shifts. We have lab specimens coming in each and every day. Numerous specimens need to be tested," Geralyn Lasher, Michigan Dept. of Community Health.

While the state health department has a clear picture of what they'll do with the federal dollars, local health departments are implementing immediate strategies to combat West Nile, but they're also planning for the future.

"We plan to offer trainings so we can prepare places where senior congregate or live so we can help them minimize exposure from here on out," Dr. Dean Sienko, Ingham County Medical Examiner.

The Department of Community Health says they don't expect the grant to decrease the number of cases. They say it's up to individuals to protect themselves against the virus.

They are now deciding which health departments will get some of the grant then determine exactly how much.