Some Say Wagner Card A Fake

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Sports experts from around the country have been emailing us after watching our broadcast of the Honus Wagner card found by a local man.

They say the card's a fake, just by watching our video.

"In case nobody else has told you, that card is a fake and a poor one at that," said Eric Beachley of Virginia. " Any advanced collector would know that the T206 card of Wagner has either a Sweet Caporal back or a Piedmont 150 back. This common 1970's reprint had a Piedmont 350-460 back."

Ray Lumbert completed a purchase of the card last week for $50,000 is cash and sports memorabilia. He tells us he bought it from a man who found it in a kitchen ceiling last spring.

The card went up for auction on Sunday in Holt but did not sell. Employees of the auction company A-OK auctioneers would not tell us how many bids it received and how much they were for.

Lumbert is still trying to have the card examined for authenticity. he has contacted auction houses in both New York and Los Angeles.

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