Michigan Lawmakers Consider Tougher ID Theft Laws

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"It's a nightmare for me and my family." Lori Schrtow is a victim of ID theft. Before his death, her husband Chuck was in and out of the hospital, which she says put his social security number in heavy rotation. "You need it to get your medicine. You need it to see the doctors." She says the number got into the wrong hands and racked up thousands of dollars in debt in her husband’s name.

But a new package of bills in the state house could help prevent that. "We're trying to discourage them from using social security numbers and find other numbers to use rather than social security numbers," says Keith Ledbetter from press secretary for the state house.

Identity theft has grown so much that the Michigan State Police has devoted an entire task force to help. And they say the new laws would give local police departments the authority to bring cases for prosecution in the victims home county. Trooper Bennie Boyd says, "With this new law they will force them to take a complaint and put people in a position where they can repair there financial standings."

And victims like Lorrie Schartow hope the bill is approved. "I hope they put them away for a long time."