Musicians Come Together to Rock the Vote

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With the November election fast approaching there's another push to get young people involved in the voting process. Local and national musicians are hosting a voter registration drive with a series of free concerts.

"Register, Rock, Vote" is being held at the Temple Club through Sunday morning. Organizer Joel Kuiper says the event features 34 bands with five groups on hand to register voters and representatives from all political parties answering questions. There's even a voting booth on display for those who've never used one before.

Paula Simon, President of Lansing's chapter of the A. Philip Randolph Institute, says it's an opportunity for young people to practice. While the focus is on voter registration, organizers are also stressing the importance of actually getting out to the polls on election day.

The free event at the Temple Club, which started Friday at 6 p.m., runs through 2 a.m. Sunday.