A Behind the Scene's Look at General Motor's New Plant

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You may have seen some of it from the highway, but today you can see General Motor's new Delta Township Plant up close. GM officials took members of the media on a driving tour Wednesday.

Ever since ground was broken in March, construction has been going steady and plant manager Randy Thayer says everything is going as planned except for one minor setback. Thayer says drilling for the body shop supports presented some problems because of boulders. Aside from that, construction continues. Five buildings are being built; two are currently being worked on.

Art Luna, UAW Local 602, says he's currently focusing on preparing his union employees to work in one of the industry's most high tech operations. Luna says his team is on course to get their people trained so they can get into the new plant and start making vehicles.

Employees will begin moving into the plant one year form now with the first car rolling off of the assembly plant shortly after. The plant is expected to reach peak production in February 2007. Meantime, no word yet on what vehicle will be manufactured at the plant.