WTC Survivor

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"We can give up our wealth. We can watch buildings crumble. But if we preserve freedom for our countrymen the evil doers will never prevail," said Patrick Anderson.

His patriotic message was heard by hundreds gathered at McCormick Park in Williamston, but Patrick Anderson wants everyone's attention when he's asked how the last year has changed his life.

"This experience reminds you of what's important in life. It's not a general reminder but it was what I needed and I think it's what other people need too," Patrick said.

Patrick was attending a convention at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11 last year. He and a co-worker were able to escape without serious injuries. While physical wounds are few, the emotional scars are evident, but his family says part of the healing process is giving thanks.

"There are many more things that are sweeter. We are more thankful and faithful. We have a better understanding of what's precious in our lives," said Madhu Anderson, survivor's wife.

For Patrick and Madhu, what's precious are their three children. While the youngest may not understand what her father endured, neither her parents nor her country will allow her to forget.