A Terrible Tumble Over a Ravine in Grand Ledge

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Three mid-Michigan men escape with only minor injuries after falling more than 50 feet down a ravine at Fitzgerald Park in Grand Ledge. It happened around 12:30 Monday morning. Police say four people were in the park and when the group saw headlights from a patrol car they ran. Three of the four slipped under a fence and fell over the edge.

Anthony Violante, the brother of one of the men who fell, says his brother suffered only cuts and scrapes but one of the other men has a broken arm and the other has a broken leg. Violante says the group, one man in his late teens, two men in their 20s and one woman in her 20s, were taking a walk and that's why they were in the park after dusk.

The park is open from 8 a.m. until dusk seven days a week, but Eaton County Parks Director Dan Patton says sometimes people sneak in after hours and it is a concern of theirs. Park officials say they will fix the fence if needed, but won't be able to adjust the hours the park is open or how it is staffed.