Seniors Scammed Again?

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Imagine hiring a handyman to fix up your home and giving him the money to do it but the job never gets done. That's what at least three senior citizens in the Lansing area say happened to them after hiring a local handyman.

Gracie Ansley-Henning,76, says she hired a man from "C & J Home Specialists" to fix her husband's childhood home. Six weeks ago she gave him some money and now he's nowhere to be found and the work isn't done. Henning says she also referred the company to a few of her friends who have also put money down for work not yet completed. News Ten tried contacting "C & J Home Specialists" but our calls were not returned.

The company isn't listed with the Better Business Bureau and no complaints have been filed yet, but the Attorney General's Office urges anyone who thinks they may have been scammed to report it. Contact the Consumer Protection Division at 1-877-765-8388.