Federal Mogul Prepares to Shut Its Doors

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Federal Mogul employees in St. Johns say no to a tentative agreement, and now the plant is preparing to close. But some say it may not be a done deal yet.

Governor Jennifer Granholm says there is a window of opportunity for employees to vote on another agreement. St. Johns City Manager Dennis LaForest says those trying to keep Federal Mogul in mid-Michigan are hopeful that another vote will be granted and it will pass the second time around like it did at the Greenville plant.

Federal Mogul announced in January the possibility of moving Greenville and St. Johns operations to Mexico to help business goals remain on target. In April, lawmakers offered tax breaks to entice the company to stay. A statement released Wednesday, from Federal Mogul, says the company is moving forward with plans to close as UAW union local 925 employees voted down the tentative agreement.

More than 400 people are employed at the St. Johns plant. There's no word yet on if there will be a second vote.