Church Offers Free Clothes To Needy

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Last winter, 9-year-old Andru McMonigal saw something that confused him.

"We were passing by the homeless shelter, and there was people that wanted food, and I couldn't understand why they weren't wearing winter coats," Andru McMonigal said.

That lead Andru to his big idea.

"I told my mom, our church should start something where we give them winter coats."

His desire to help sparked interest in the church and winter coasts began to be collected. Months later, Bea's Love Closet is open. The closet, in the basement of the Cascades Wesleyan Church, provides clothing to anyone in need.

"Tops, bottoms, we've got suits, dresses, stuff for career for work, we've got casual clothes, we've even got some nurses scrubs out," Lynn McMonigal said.

While Goodwill or Salvation Army might charge for clothing at their resale outlets, Bea's Love Closet provides something those in Jackson haven't seen- clothes for free.

"We're run on donations, from donations from the community and people in the church. And we just give out the clothing to whoever needs it," Lynn McMonigal said.

And it's a lot of clothes.

"Five outfits, and one pair of shoes for everybody in the family," Lynn McMonigal said. "So if theres five people in your family, you can take five outfits.

That's a big help to Melissa Friend, who is looking for back-to-school clothes for her children.

"Everything's just so expensive and not everyone has the money to go buy the clothes the kids need," Friend said.

Interest has been so high that Lynn McMonigal had to change her cell phone plan just to keep up with all the interested donors and from those in need.

To find out how you can help, click on the link below.

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