Alleged Hate Crime Turns Into Arson Investigation

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Around 1:30 Wednesday morning, a Blackman Township officer saw two men waving down his car on Michigan Avenue. He saw the two were badly burned, and they indicated they were victims of a hate crime.

Both men are from the Detroit suburbs. They say they left a Jackson bar, and drove around for 45 minutes with two female friends. The two men then got out of their car, and claim a man through a substance on them, and then lit them on fire. However, Blackman Township police were not able to locate a crime scene, and were not able to match up the story.

Around 12:40 a.m. in Coldwater, about 45 minutes away, firefighters were on the scene of a building explosion on East Chicago St. Police say witnesses saw a man "fully engulfed in flames" run out of the burning building into a dark colored vehicle.

At this time, the two are at the University of Michigan hospital. The investigation is still ongoing.