Governor Granholm Tested for Tuberculosis

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A state employee who works at the Cadillac Place building in Detroit was recently diagnosed with tuberculosis. The Governor will be tested for the disease as a precautionary measure because she comes into contact with hundreds of state workers everyday.

Tuberculosis is a disease caused by a bacteria that attacks the lungs. Symptoms include weight loss, coughing, nightsweats or fever, and fatigue. The illness is treatable with a combination of antibiotics once the diagnosis is made.

TB is spread through the air, but is much more difficult to transmit than the common cold or the flu. Experts say it takes prolonged contact in order for the bacteria to be spread from person to person.

Health officials do not expect the Governor's tuberculin test to be positive. The incidence of TB in the United States is very low due to strong public health programs and good access to medical care.