100 Trees Coming Down Due To Contaminated Soil

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ST. LOUIS, Mich. (AP) -- More than 100 trees are coming down due to contaminated soil in a mid-Michigan community that was the home of a chemical company.

Besides trees, the Morning Sun of Mount Pleasant reports soil from 60 residential yards is being removed in St. Louis. City Manager Bob McConkie says about 40 more properties will be excavated next year.

Velsicol Chemical and its predecessor are blamed for dumping waste decades ago in the Pine River and other places in St. Louis in Gratiot County. The area was declared a Superfund site by the federal government.

McConkie says any remaining contamination is not harmful to humans. The Pine River Superfund Citizen Task Force is encouraging residents to look for dead robins. A collection last year showed they were dying from DDT poisoning.