100 Accidents During Morning Commute

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The median, the shoulder, there were accidents all over Clinton, Eaton, and Ingham counties Wednesday morning.

Christina Graham got in one on 496 while going to work.

"I was just driving fine and my car--the tail end just started spinning out of control. My car spun around and another car hit me," said Graham.

Michigan State Police said there were about 100 accidents in the tri-county area Monday morning.

"Honestly, I thought I was going to die. It was scary, as I am even sitting here, I am hearing cars spin and slide just on the ice--that you can't even see. So I wouldn't tell anyone to go out driving right now," said Christina Graham.

"People venturing out on to the roadways, found out it was a little bit thicker snow that was on the ground." said State Trooper Brian Russell, who works out of the Lansing Post. "It freezes over night, like it did last night and then you get a little blanket of snow on there, it just creates an icy situation."

State police said confidence was a factor. Many people were heading back to work and school for the first time thinking the roads would be back to normal. However, they're not.

At times US-127 southbound near the Frandor Shopping Center was practically a parking lot. There were so many accidents that law enforcement had to shut down the freeway to clear the crashed cars. Of the accidents, about 10 involved people getting hurt, but State police said there weren't any serious injuries.

"It looks like it's clear, but it's definitely not," said Graham, describing the black ice. "I didn't brake or do anything, my car just while driving straight ahead started spinning out of control."

"The primary roads are looking pretty good right now, but there are spots that are icy or snowy still," said Russell.

Many of the accidents WILX's Brian Johnson saw were on bridges or on-ramps.

At more severe accidents (those involving five or six cars) police would block off the freeway so people couldn't get close.

One Ingham County Sheriff's Deputy's car got hit while the he was helping during another car accident.

"Always use caution," said Trooper Russell. "Remember you don't know what the person next to you is going to be doing. They might hit a patch of slush or ice which can cause their vehicle to go out of control."

The roads are very slick, and will be for the next few days, so drive with caution.

As for Graham, Wednesday morning after the accident she was still debating heading into work.

"I may need to go to work now, and make money to fix my car," said Graham.

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