Reward For I-96 Shootings Information May Rise

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The reward for information leading to an arrest in the I-96 shootings could go up soon.

It's at $12,000 right now, but investigators told News 10 they wouldn't be surprised to see it increase if the shooter isn't caught soon.

There have been 24 shootings across Ingham, Oakland, and Livingston Counties, and lab results released Friday confirm they're all from the same handgun. But investigators aren't calling this a break in the case.

"It confirms our original thought, that it is one shooter," Lt. Vern Elliott of the Ingham County's Sheriff's Office said. "If it had come back with multiple different guns, then we got the potential for multiple different shooters. By coming back to one gun, one shooter, it helps us narrow our focus and move forward."

They hope to find the male suspect believed to be in 30's who matches the sketch the task force released. They're still searching for him throughout Mid-Michigan, though there hasn't been a shooting since Oct. 18.

"This is someone who obviously doesn't care about other people's safety," Lt. Elliott said. "There's nothing to say that he won't decide to do something like this in the future and other similar events. It's not somebody we want driving around on our highways."

The task force has received more than 400 tips. Those helped lead them to two suspects who were questioned, but then ruled out. Lt. Elliott said every little bit of information helps.

"We're still gathering evidence," Lt. Elliott said. "Every time we get a new tip, new information, sometimes we do find some more ballistic evidence or other items that help us gather what we need to find our suspect."

A suspect that could be anywhere.

"He could very well be locked up, and we just don't know it," Lt. Elliott said. "That's why the shootings have stopped. He could be under arrest for another crime, and we just don't know that that's happened at this time."

Police said the shootings appear to be random at this point.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call 911 or 1-800-SPEAK-UP.

Investigators no longer think the shooting in Shiawasee County is connected to this case. They believe it was a separate incident.

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