Shutdown Frustrates Local Voters, Spurs Threats of Backlash

In his 68 years, Jim Capehart of Gregory has voted Republican every election except one, including for Congressman Mike Rogers (R-Lansing). However, the federal shutdown has put that streak in jeopardy.

"I'm tired of listening to all of the rhetoric back and forth between the democrats and the republicans," said Capehart, a former government employee.

Capehart broke his silence Wednesday morning, when he saw a post on Rep. Rogers Facebook page, blaming the shutdown on the president's refusal to compromise on a plan to fund the government.

Capehart responded, arguing provisions to delay Obamacare never had a chance and now, the Republicans are holding the country hostage.

"The Affordable Care Act is the law of the land, whether you like it or don't like it," he said.

And Capehart isn't alone in that thought. Other posters expressed their frustration, as well. Many of them, Republicans. Realtor Ray Guest of Hartland, also posted against the shutdown. Although he's a Democrat, Guest says he never really had a problem with Rep. Rogers, until now.

"I believe he's probably a moderate guy in his heart, but if he wants to stand with the extremists in his party, he needs to fall with his party," said Guest.

But not everybody feels that way. Many other posters told Congressman Rogers to 'stay strong' in his fight against Obamacare.
Richard White of Mason agrees, but also says both sides need to compromise. Still, he thinks Rep. Rogers seat should be safe.

"If he faithfully represents the people the way he's supposed to. Do it morally, honestly and upright, then you can't come out wrong," he said.

A statement from Congressman Rogers' office says he's keeping his phone lines open for concerned constituents to call. So far, the office has heard thoughts and concerns from both sides of the issue.

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