Dr. Kassem Hallak Takes The Stand

CHARLOTTE (WILX)-- After listening to his patients describe alleged incidents of sexual abuse, a Charlotte doctor told his side of the story Wednesday.

Doctor Kassem Hallak was confident and smiling during his testimony. He gave his version of what happened in his office a couple years ago.

In his testimony Hallak is denied the accusations, and used his medical records to back his story up.

Each time Dr. Kassem Hallak was asked if he'd ever conducted sexual acts with any of the victims, he always had the same reply.

"No sir."

He went into detail about the techniques he used on his patients, claiming there was nothing sexual about them.

During his testimony he talked about how he administers a shot into the buttocks region. The way he described it was not the spanking the alleged victims had claimed, but a hard tapping if the patient was overweight.

"If someone is 150 pounds the tapping is firm. If they are a 250 pound individual the tapping is more firm because you have more fat tissue on the butt. I do this to reduce bruising around the shot," said Hallak.

Also during the testimony he described how he holds his stethoscope. His description wasn't similar to how one alleged victim had said he used it to cup her breast. Hallak added that that alleged victims claim is impossible according to medical records

"It was not on her chart. If I would have use the stethoscope, I would have made a note about lungs and heart."

The sports physical where a teenager claimed Hallak had groped her was also impossible, according to him. He said his wife had been seeing all the females that day.

"I saw the boys, and Dr. Debbie saw the girls."

Hallak didn't finish going though all the medical records of the alleged victims, that will pick up Friday when he is expected to take the stand again.

We'll be following the case and will let you know when it goes to the jury.

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