Suspect Charged In Williamston Arson

It's four more charges on 37-year-old Jason Warren Stallcup's already long wrap sheet.

"We've charged him with several crimes," says Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings, III.

Authorities charged the Mid-Michigan native on four felony counts Wednesday: home invasion, breaking and entering with the intent to commit a crime (arson), driving an unlawful vehicle, and the arson of Williamston's CB's Bucket Bar and Grill.

"He's also been charged as a habitual offender, and were he to be convicted and also be convicted on the habituals, he would be facing life or any term of years in prison," Dunnings says.

Stallcup is no stranger to the long arm of the law. When authorities arrested him Monday, he was wanted on a valid parole violation. He was also sentenced on several felonies out of Shiawassee County in 2004.

Plus, "He's got all these other charges pending in other states," says Chief Mark Hetfield of the Williamston Police Dept.

Including outstanding robbery and stolen vehicle charges in Colorado, and aggravated armed robbery and kidnapping charges pending in Arkansas.

"They're extraditing him back to for their proceedings when he's done in Michigan," Hetfield explains.

His beef with 'The Bucket'? Authorities won't say, but owner Craig Banwell says Stallcup dated the bar and grill's manager, and worked there on and off for the past year.

"This was a recommendation from the manager, so we didn't do an extensive background check on him, which we should have," says Banwell.

Regardless, Banwell says he's shocked Stallcap is suspected of setting the fire.

"He was a calm guy," Banwell explains. "Never would have thought in a million years he would have done this."

Bucket booths once packed with patrons: burned. TVs are toast. But not Banwell's spirit.

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