Winter Fire Safety Tips for Your Home

Today is the first full day of winter, the most dangerous and deadly time of year for fires - especially candle fires. Delta Township Firefighters set up a live burn to show just how dangerous these fires can be this time of year.

"Snaketivity" at Capitol

A controversial display by the Detroit Satanic Temple is now on the Michigan state Capitol's front lawn.

Best Time of Year to Adopt a Pet

Did you know the Holiday Season is the time when animal shelters see the most animals coming in?

Early Morning House Fire, But Nobody Home

A house fire broke out in Leslie this morning. No one was hurt and no one was home.

Satanic Temple Puts up Display

The Satanic Temple from Detroit will put up their display between seven and eight in the morning.

Super Saturday Shopping Rush

With the season of giving comes last minute holiday shopping.

Last Saturday before Christmas

Have you done all your holiday shopping?

Adopt a Furry Friend this Holiday

If you're looking to add a furry friend to the family before the holidays, the Delta Township PetSmart has you covered. And, so does the Ingham County Animal Shelter.

Lansing Mobile Food Bank Open Saturday

Need help getting a meal this holiday season? The City of Lansing is setting up a mobile food bank Saturday morning.

Trial Date Set for Road-Rage Shooting

Martin Zale will be tried on murder charges.

Lansing Groups Oppose Tax Hike Proposal for Roads

The slightly higher gas taxes are part of the road funding bill the legislature passed early Friday morning after an all-nighter at the capitol. But not everyone's happy about it.

Eleven Charter Schools in Limbo Through Beginning of Year

Eleven at risk charter school authorizers will be in limbo at least through the beginning of next year.

Carolers Sing for Clean Air Standards to be Raised

Carolers sang outside the Capitol Friday, calling on incoming lawmakers to raise renewable energy standards.

Chrysler Expands Airbag Recall

It's giving in to the federal government.

VOA Holds Christmas Party for Homeless

It can be a tough time of year for the people who need the shelter.

T-Mobile Reaches Settlement Over Cramming

T-Mobile will pay customers in Michigan $349,000 as part of a national settlement.

Voters to Decide Road Funding

It's now up to voters to decide if they want to raise their own taxes to help fix the state's roads. Lawmakers working through the night approved plans for a statewide ballot proposal early Friday morning, asking voters if they want to increase the sales tax.

Nativity Scene on Display at Capitol

Two very different religious displays on the Capitol lawn: one put on by the Michigan Nativity Scene Committee, the other by the Satanic Temple in Detroit.

Police Seek SUV Involved In Deputy's Death

The missing vehicle was being pursued by Dep. Grant Whitaker on December 7 before his fatal crash.

Nativity Scene on Capitol East Lawn

The Michigan Nativity Scene Committee is displaying their nativity scene at the Capitol.

Wilder Sentenced For MSU Sexual Assaults

The man who admitted to sexually assaulting several MSU students last year is going to prison for a very long time

East Lansing Public Schools Deal For New Contract

After nearly six months without one, East Lansing School teachers finally have a new deal on the table for a new contract.

Jackson Post Office To Honor Fallen Officer

President Obama signed into law a bill renaming the West Michigan Avenue post office the "James Bonneau Memorial Post Office"

Bashara Guilty of First Degree Murder

A jury has convicted a Detroit-area man of murder in his wife's death after a lengthy trial focusing on his affairs

Breaking Down the Road Funding Deal

Three days of closed-door meetings ended with lawmakers rolling out a plan to raise more than $1.2 billion for Michigan’s roads. Before that plan gets to the voters, lawmakers have to approve it. Lawmakers are finalizing the legislation, which then has to be voted on. The plan includes increasing the sales tax from 6 percent to 7 percent, which needs a two-thirds majority vote before it can go on the May ballot. The House and Senate didn't like each other's plans so the alternative plan of putting it to the voters is what won out.