Flint Water Order

Gov. Rick Snyder is challenging a court order that bars a Flint hospital from contacting state health authorities on any future issue related to the city's water woes.

AAA Warning

AAA has a warning for drivers regarding automatic braking systems

Phone Scam

If someone calls you claiming to be from the state of Michigan be leary. There's a new phone-scam going around.

Boy Scouts in Jackson

Two organizations are vying for future rights to a Boy Scouts' camp in Jackson.

Student Loans

There's important information for students who took out loans with Wells Fargo.

Flint Rash Investigation

A study released Tuesday shed some light on the skin rashes people complained about after discovering their water was tainted with lead.

CATA's Bus Rapid Transit plan hits another roadblock

Cata's BRT plan faces another hurdle as it sees more opposition from the community.

Rollar Coaster Stuck

A roller coaster somehow got stuck at a Pennsylvania amusement park and riders had to be evacuated from the structure, marking the second time a coaster has stopped working at the park in less than a week.

Scott House Latest

Supporters of the "Scott Sunken Garden are going to ask the Lansing City Council to look at alternative locations for a new Board of Water and Light substation.

Ingham County hosts back to school health fair

The Ingham County health department kicks off its annual back to school health fair.

Grand Rapids area begins cleanup efforts after tornado

Grand Rapids is working to cleanup the damage from the tornado that hit Saturday afternoon.

MSU shows off high tech facility to the public

MSU held an open house for the general public to see the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams.

Fint Repairing Pipes

Flint is moving forward on an effort to replace old lead and galvanized steel water lines amid the city's crisis with lead-tainted water.

SW Lansing Help

Some great news for people in southwest Lansing. The city announced it's getting a grant to help provide better jobs, food, and housing for the Pleasant Grove Holmes area.

Senior Activities Fair

Senior citizens got some special attention on Thursday. It was the 16th annual "capital area senior activities fair".

Ferris Wheel Update

Reports say the last of three girls injured in a fall from a Ferris wheel at a Tennessee county fair has been released from a hospital.

Healthy Food Connect

Grants have been awarded to 20 programs designed to improve access to healthy food for children and senior citizens in southeastern Michigan.

City hosts watching party for Michigan Olympian

The city of Flint hosted a watch party downtown for Flint native and Olympic boxer Claressa Shields' first bout.

School of choice hurts city schools

School of choice takes a huge chunk out of the Lansing School Districts student population

T.S.A. Records

A record breaking week for the T.S.A. The Transportation Security Administration says from August 5th to the 11th agents found 78 guns in carry on bags at airports around the nation.

Natural Gas-Powered Electricity

An Upper Peninsula iron ore mine will buy power for 20 years from a utility through an agreement designed to provide a long-term power solution for the region whose residents have faced uncertainty over rate hikes

California Home Fires

A fast moving Northern California wildfire has destroyed more than 175 structures and forced thousands to evacuate the area.

Three Jackson churches hold joint-service to welcome LGBT community

Three Jackson churches combined their Sunday service to welcome and affirm minority communities, especially the LGBT community.

Community gathers to watch former MSU rower compete in Rio

MSU's Spartan Stadium played host for a viewing party to watch former Spartan rower compete for the gold in Rio.

Sandusky In Court

Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky took the stand Friday in an effort to overturn his conviction on child molestation charges.