Are meth labs becoming more common in mid-Michigan?

Another meth lab was busted this past weekend, is this becoming a more common thing?

Lansing Maker Week kicks off

Lansing Maker Week gives makers in the area a chance to show off their craft, and people a chance to see aspects of Lansing they never knew.

More women are taking self-defense classes

University and political leaders might be working on the problem from one angle, some women are taking matters into their own hands with sexual and physical assault by taking self-defense classes.

Sparrow Cancer Center receives hundreds of pillows for patients

A local group is giving pillows to cancer patients to try and make their experience a little more comfortable.

Flint Aid in Jeopardy

A Democratic lawmaker from Flint, Michigan, says House Republican leaders are refusing to approve emergency aid for the city's water crisis because a majority of Flint residents are African-Americans.

Michigan Fiat/Chrysler

The state of Michigan is giving nearly five million dollars to Fiat Chrysler. The money will be used to make upgrades to the company's Sterling Heights Factory.

EPA Mileage Changes

The feds are changing how gas mileage is estimated because of changes in how people drive and all those extras in your vehicle.

New GOP campaign office in Jackson as supporters prepare for debate

Clinton and Trump supporters are getting geared up for the debate on Monday night.

Sithsonian's New Museum

President Barack Obama says the Smithsonian's new African American history museum is great because it does more than tell stories about famous black people.

Stomping on The Flag

A North Carolina school superintendent is recommending a 10-day suspension without pay for a high school teacher who stepped on the American flag in class to make a point about the First Amendment.

Schuette's Opioid Suit

There's new information in the fight to "contain" the heroin epidemic in Michigan.

Eaton county sheriff's office finds marijuana field during investigation

While on a search for a body, the Eaton county sheriff's department stumbled upon a marijuana field. Turns out that's why they were called there.

Suicide Walk in Jackson

An event to raise awareness about mental illness and suicide prevention took place in Jackson on Thursday.

Lansing Bike Racks

Get people out of their cars and onto a bicycle; that's the message from the city of Lansing.

Kids to be held back if they can't read by third grade in new law

A bill that is on its way to the governor's office to be signed into law will hold back kids who can't read by the end of third grade.

Literacy Bill Approved

Lawmakers approved an early literacy bill Wednesday that would require third graders to be held back if they lag in reading.

Makowski Parole Dispute

A Michigan man serving a life sentence for murder will not get out on parole. Matthew Makowski has been in prison for twenty seven years.

Holiday Employment

Macy's plans to hire about 83,000 people for the busy holiday shopping season, about equal to the number of hires last year.

Pres. Obama, Summit Speech

President Barack Obama says world leaders are pledging to take in 360,000 refugees next year.

Boehner's New Job

Former House Speaker John Boehner has a new Washington job, joining a prominent law and lobbying firm.

iPhone-7, Hissing Sound

There could be a problem with Apple's newest device, the iPhone 7. Some owners are complaining of a strange hissing sound coming from their device.

Voter Registration Deadline

If you're not registered to vote in the election time is running out. Tuesday, October 11th is the last day to register.

Odds are against Michigan drivers with deer

New data shows that the chances of a Michigan driver colliding with a deer have increased sharply.

Family runs in Lansing's Capital City marathon to honor mother

A family ran in the Capital City Marathon 5k and half marathon to honor Maryann Messing, who died of heart disease almost a year ago.

Trump campaign office opens its doors in Lansing

The first Trump campaign office in Michigan's capital city opened Saturday morning, but it's one of many to be opening across the state in September.